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Our History

Established in November of 2023, Lone Wolf is an intimate cocktail bar experience that takes cues from the major players like Death & Co, Milk & Honey, Amor Y Amargo, Dante, and many more. Located in the heart of midtown Kingston, we make sure that if you’re looking for a night of fun and entertainment, we’re the only place you’re going to want to be!

The name itself stems from the idea that the bar was the only venue on Foxhall Ave surrounded by residential homes. 

The bar itself is the brainchild of Lisa Dy & Anton Kinloch, the couple behind the nationally acclaimed Fuchsia Tiki Bar in New Paltz, NY from 2019 - 2023. The original plan was to launch Fuchsia Tiki 2.0 within New Paltz however after a year of searching the couple opted to seek out a different city for a different concept. 

In June 2023 they had approached the former owners of Lis Bar.  Shortly after signing the lease in August they were given notice that their lease in New Paltz was expiring at the end of September. The devasting blow led to the sudden decision to advance the entire timeline of their project and ensure that they would open Lone Wolf by November to ensure the staff didn't lose their income.

With that difficult decision the staff from Fuchsia were retained and their efforts contributed to the opening of the space. The memory of Fuchsia is kept alive every Sunday as a nod to the legacy that was built, the friends that were made and the rum that was poured. 

The couple delegated amongst themselves the strengths they knew all too well. Kinloch being a CIA graduate, BAR Certificate holder and former sommelier behind the helm of both the kitchen & bar programs. Dy behind the interior design as well as HR functions. Both contributing their own ideas and suggestions into each other's respective programs. 

Not a single inch of the space was left unfinished with every single piece of equipment in both the kitchen & bar being replaced. The furniture carefully selected & each design element in the space considered carefully. Even the exterior & patio were refinished at the same time to allow for maximum enjoyment. Every single possible circumstance was accounted for.

With spirits education at the core of everything the Lone Wolf team believes in, the goal is to raise the bar for everyone and get people to drink better drinks. 

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